Don Mizutani comes from a background of extensive software development, testing and QA covering all stacks of modern web systems. He recently moved into the Security industry to pursue his passion for network security analysis and consulting.

He currently lives and works in Tokyo, Japan.

Personal Comments

This website was created as an excuse for me to get off my butt and start writing documents on a continual basis. And to brush up on my Japanese grammar.

It will also be used to collate together information from my studies and experimentation with security tools and playing around with vulnerabilities - as I transition from being a software (web) developer to being a network security professional.

As such, the language is going to be a mix of casual and formal. Casual - so it is easier for readers to dive in, but also formal - so I am actually writing this as though I am giving this to a customer to use.

It will also be written in both English and Japanese. English first, Japanese later when I have the time to translate.


All opinions on this website are my own.

They do not reflect the opinions of my employer, current or past.

They also do not reflect my opinions towards my employer, current or past.

Feel free to contact me for corrections, advice and other discussion.

Email: don 【_dot_】mizutani 【_at_】 gmail 【_dot_】 com

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