Setting up Snort - Part 5a - Configuring MySQL for Barnyard2

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Note: this guide will not explain how to install the MySQL server. It is up to you to decide where the MySQL server is installed.

For reference, I installed my MySQL server instance on a Mac Mini.

MySQL packages can be downloaded here.

Recommended packages:

Remove unnecessary default accounts

If you are installing Barnyard2 and the MySQL client on a VM or machine that is separate from the MySQL server, then it is recommended to

Create an account for Barnyard2

As the Barnyard2 instance is installed on a different VM or machine to the MySQL server, you want to limit the access privilege on the account.

Log into the MySQL instance and execute the following query, to create the account with only the required privileges.

grant create, insert, select, delete, alter, update, drop on snort.* to barnyard2@[_ipaddress_] identified by '[_password_]'


When the above query successfully executes, a new account "barnyard2" will be created, with the above required operation privileges and limited access to the Barnyard2 host IP.

Below is a sample of the created account I use, taken from Mac OS MySQL Workbench.

This user should have not be allowed any "Administrative Roles".

Administrative Roles

This user should have the appropriate database operation privileges.

Schema Privileges

Once this account is setup, we are ready to install and configure Barnyard2 to use this account!

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