Setting up Snort - Part 5 - Installing Barnyard2 and MySQL

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As discussed here, having everything on the same VM or machine is not desirable.

This page will be a modification of the steps from the official home page.

Essentially, Barnyard2 and MySQL live on separate VMs and machines.

Because of this, you have to be more careful when it comes to connecting it all together.

Another difference to the steps from the official home page is that on my home lab setup, Barnyard2 and MySQL will not be running 24/7.

I did not see a need to run this 24/7, so will use the "Batch Mode" feature of Barnyard2 to do batch processing of Snort logs when needed. Saves on the electricity bill :)

There are three parts to this section, of which the third part is optional.

  1. Configuring the MySQL server instance for Barnyard2 use.

    Part 5a - Configuring MySQL for Barnyard2

  2. Installing and configuring Barnyard2.

    Part 5b - Installing and Configuring Barnyard2

  3. Sample script to trash the database, process and insert all Snort log files in a specified directory with Barnyard2 "Batch Mode".

    As mentioned above, I did not care to run this 24/7, so I wrote a script to automate all this.

    Part 5c - Automate Barnyard2 with Batch Mode

This wraps it up for my guide on setting up Snort and related tools in a home lab / network!